Why Our Revolution Endorsed My Campaign

I have been a nurse for over 15 years and during that time, I have been active with the California Nurses Association. In 2011, I was elected to the CNA House of Delegates, the governing body of the association. During the 2011 session we enacted the Main Street Contract. A campaign to heal America.
The core principals of the Main Street Contract are:

  • Healthcare for Everyone
  • Free Education
  • Living Wage Jobs
  • Affordable Housing
  • Retirement with Dignity                                                                                                  
  • Climate Justice 

It is with these principals in mind that I ran and won as #2 female delegate during the Bernie Sanders caucus.  

I am honored today to be recognized by Our Revolution (the organization created by the Bernie Sanders' campaign) as an emerging leader to carry on the torch of social justice.  

They recognize that our country needs policy makers at the most local levels, to be 100% committed to the progressive values we saw from Senator Bernie Sanders during the most recent primary election. As a city councilmember I will focus on bringing the Main Street Contract home to El Cerrito!

Healthcare for Everyone - In El Cerrito we need access to full service acute care hospitals. West County currently has less than 1 hospital bed per 1,000 residents, the national average is 3 per 1000. We need to change that.  Currently, if you have a heart attack, the nearest catheterization lab is in Oakland. If you are burned, the nearest burn center is in San Francisco, and the plan for major trauma such as a freeway accident is a helicopter ride to John Muir. Traveling these distances for the above services is not safe for El Cerrito residents.  

Free Education - Access to the Internet in the 21st Century is necessary for the ongoing education of our residents. Currently, our library has 7 computers with an hour or less limitation on usage. I am committed to expanding our library services so our school children through our Seniors have access to information without financial barriers.

Living Wage Jobs - El Cerrito has been a leader in the fight for 15 and I fully supported the minimum wage ordinance. It is a step forward in providing security for El Cerrito workers.

Affordable Housing - With all new housing, I will support affordable housing as a condition of development. Furthermore, we need to address rent increases in El Cerrito.  No one should be evicted from their home because of excessive rent increases.

Retirement with Dignity - I will fight to keep programs for our Seniors as well as maintaining accessibility as a priority.

Climate Justice – When making policy, I will always take the environmental impact into consideration. The city council must work with the county, state and other agencies to ensure the quality of our air and water. As a mother, I have great concern on how we leave this planet for the next generation.

As your next city councilmember in El Cerrito, I pledge to be guided by the above
principals and carry on the torch of social justice so El Cerrito continues to be a great place for everyone to live. 

Rochelle Pardue-Okimoto, RN